Akshat & Sonal

A photoshoot oozing with chemistry!


We both were doing CA
Met in one of our course in Jan 2015
I had crush on him
So one day I whatsapped him and said, if u like me, then sit with me in tomorrow’s class
And he actually did??
Ye boht memorable moment tha for me
Bcz uske n mere frns were totally shocked to see this

Then on 22nd June 2015
We both realised that we feel for each other
And Abhi tk yaad ni who proposed
But tb start hua

We both got busy in building our careers
But in 2019 we realised k yesss, we must take a step forward now
And decided to talk to our families
And touchwood things worked out positively for both of us
And got rokafied on 31st May 2020(it was 5th april but due to COVID we couldn’t do it)

What I liked most about akshat is
When he is with me, he gives all his attention to me and to no one else
Damn caring
Never every spoke loudly to me in 5 n a half year
A good listener
Always try to make sure that I never ever have to do any kind of adjustments or I never have to compromise
And always try to make my birthday the mostt special and memorable day of my life (always)

Written By - Divine Mantra on 09 Oct, 2020

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